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On May 25, 2018, the new European GDPR privacy law entered into force. From that date, the European Commission wants internet users to be able to determine for themselves which cookies they accept or refuse. To make your website compliant with this new cookie law, we have developed a cookie notification that you can try for free for the 1st month.

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This cookie script has been developed in such a way that it is very easy to integrate into any website. The easiest way is to use Google Tag Manager. We explain how this works in the installation manual.

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With our cookie notification, users of your website can determine which type of cookies they accept. Based on these preferences you can set the correct cookies.

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Google Consent Mode support

Our Cookie Notice supports Google's newly released Consent Mode Mode (beta). This allows your Google tags (Analytics, Ads, Floodlight) to dynamically adjust based on the consent status of your users.

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Installing our cookie notice script is easier than you think. For most people it only takes a couple of minutes.

Read our installation instructions

Frequently asked questions

For the integration of the cookie banner and the setup of Google Tag Manager, please refer to the installation instructions. We explain step by step how to install the Cookie Notice.

You can easily adjust the appearance of the cookie banner and cookie settings from our intuitive Tools Dashboard. Read our installation guide for more instructions.

When you configure the Cookie Notice from our Tools Dashboard, you are able to edit all the texts used by the Cookie Notice. The default language is English. Pro-users are able to easily add translations.

When you configure the Cookie Notice, default texts are available. If you use the Pro version, you will be able to easily add translations.

Cookies can be divided into four different categories:

Essential cookies (essential): These cookies are used to make the website function properly. You do not need the user's permission to post it. That is why these cookies are set to 'always on' in our cookie notification. If you have set up Google Analytics correctly, you can also group this under these cookies. Things such as 'remember me' or remembering the number of items in your shopping cart are also part of these essential cookies.

Preference cookies (preferences): Preference cookies ensure that a website can remember information that influences the behavior and design of the website. This includes remembering the preferred language or the region where the user lives. Even without approving these cookies, your website must still be functional.

Analytische cookies (statistics): For these analytical/statistical cookies you must request permission if you collect data from your visitors that track their surfing behavior. Google Analytics is an example of this. However, if you set up Google Analytics correctly you cannot treat these cookies as Analytical cookies and you can always load them.

Advertising cookies (marketing): These Marketing cookies are used to track visitors and thus show advertisements based on their surfing behavior. All scripts / cookies with retargeting or remarketing purposes (such as the Facebook pixel, Google Adwords, LinkedIn website retargeting, etc.) are part of marketing cookies.

The short answer is yes. The easiest way to set this up is by using Google's new Consent Mode. Read our Installation Manual for further instructions.

This happens because GDPR law states that you cannot track users unless they explicitly consent by enabling tracking and third-party cookies. This does not apply if you have set up Google Analytics using Google Consent Mode. Head over to our Installation Manual for more information.

When you correctly implement the Cookie Notice into your website, your website complies with the new GDPR cookie law. In our Installation Guide we will explain you how to do this.

When visitors click away the cookie banner without accepting the cookies, only the essential cookies are placed. The banner will be displayed again on every page. Only when the user allows all cookies or changes the cookie settings, the banner will no longer be displayed. This choice is remembered for one year, unless the user removes the cookies from the browser in the meantime.

The preferences of the user are remembered for the period of one year. This applies to the device with which the website is visited. For this purpose a cookie is stored with the name 'cookie_consent'. This cookie falls under the essential cookies. For the sake of completeness, you should include in your privacy statement that your website places the 'cookie_consent' cookie and what its function is.

This can be done by including a link in your website with the class 'diffuse-cookie-settings'. This link will look like this: <a href="#" class="diffuse-cookie-settings">Change cookie settings</a>. After clicking on this link, the cookie settings are displayed. Click here for an example on this website.

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Important disclaimer

* Adding the Cookie Notice does not make your website GDPR compliant off the bat. You are responsible for ensuring that all GDPR requirements are met by correctly implementing the cookie notification. We are in no way liable.